How to replace endstop wiring?

The wire for the X-axis endstop is broken. When I issue the M119 command, the x-axis always appears “open”. I inspected the wire, and can see that it’s broken in a way that would be difficult to solder. I looked in the store, but couldn’t find a replacement wire with a plug, or protective tubing for the wiring. Could someone point me toward replacement parts or a guide to replacing this wiring?

Here’s a picture- the severed wire is the black on on the left.


This is the part numbers and ordering links for the pins and parts required to make the 2 pin connectors. To make the 4 pin ones for the motors you just get the 4 position housings instead. You can reuse the plastic housings you already have, and you can probably recrimp the pin on that one that failed without touching the others if you can get it out without damaging the housing (hobby knife, lift the retaining flap, push it out, etc.)

You will need wire strippers and a crimping tool to fix that. Basically you strip about 2mm worth of insulator off, crimp the lower part on the remaining insulation, then crimp the upper section on the wire. Just look at one of the intact pins as an example. I would recommend getting a dedicated crimper for those. You can do it with others, you won’t be happy trying it though.

50-57-9402 CONN HOUSING 2POS .100 W/LATCH 0 0.21000 $5.25
0701070001 CONN HOUSING MALE 2POS .100 0 0.53040 $13.26
0016020098 CONN TERM FEMALE 24-30AWG 30GOLD 0 0.22560 $5.64
0016020117 CONN TERM MALE 22-24AWG GOLD 0 0.31880 $7.97

Cool, I understand. Thank you!