Why will this bolt not come out?

I really need to replace my worn out idler/clamp part on the hot end however I cannot seem to remove the screw/bolt it pivots on. See pic here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kphmnfwqkwwlqee/2014-04-23%2021.23.38.jpg

I can see the other end of the bolt turning however it only comes out a few mm then just turns freely. I have put an excessive amount of force on it to no avail. I am almost wondering if there is a hidden captured nut that is on the end of the bolt keeping it from pulling through?

There IS a hidden captured nut. and it sometimes rotates freely. I never found a good way to get it out once the nut starts spinning short of destroying the idler, hopefully having printed a new one prior to that.

Argghhhh :cry:

Thanks for the intel!

Is the captured nut in the idler part itself or in the center part. Another way of wording that: Is it in the rear-most part or the center part?

Thanks again!

It’s in the idler itself. If you are looking at the end of the bolt that sticks out a bit on the side of the idler, it’s just on the other side of that plastic wall. The nut is inside one of the two “legs” of the idler between the outside edge and the surface that is next to the extruder body tab that it bolts on to.

The above image shows the captive nut trap. If the nut is spinning, you can use the dental pick to jam the nut in place, to keep it from spinning to allow for the removal of the screw hinge. If you can’t get something in there to hold the nut, you can also push sideways against the nut trap to put pressure on the nut, holding it in place.

Very good! I will let you know how it goes


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