Help! Cura CONTROL Button gone!

I just bought the new Flextruder head for my Mini. Instructions said to update to the latest version of Cura (21.03).
Did that.

Now when I load a model, instead of getting the “CONTROL” button that allows me to print, all I get is a “SAVE GCODE” button. I can’t do anything with it now.

What happened? :frowning:

Using Mac OS X 10.12.2 which worked fine with the old version of Cura.

Your USB port is confused.

Disconnect printer. (and leave that way)
Uninstall Cura completely.
Reboot your computer.
Install new Cura
Reboot again (yeah its a pain)
Start new version of Cura.
Now turn on and connect printer.

I’ll bet it works! :wink:

I found the issue (via a call to Lulzbot). For others that encounter this when changing a head and or updating Cura.
Be sure you go to “Machine” --> “Install default firmware”, then restart the printer, then open Cura.

I did try that.

Well, I am glad you mentioned it! :slight_smile: