Cura Control Button Nonresponsive

I’ve been a lot of fun with my Mini until tonight. I loaded a model, made adjustments to rotation and then hit the Control button and nothing happened. I’m using Cura 18.03 on Mac OSX 10.7.5. So far I have restated Cura, reloaded Cura, tried different print models, rebooted the Mac and cursed profusely. The Control button remains nonresponsive so I cannot set temperatures and print.

Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.


Try here:

Sounds like a Mac possible issue?

Fred has it worked before and has anything changed like new software or new cable?

Is the control button actually showing up as “Control”, or does it show as “Save Gcode”?

If it’s the latter, then the software may not be recognizing that the printer is connected. This could be as simple as the USB cable not being plugged in, or it could be more complicated. One user suspects a problem with the Mac OS (but a much more recent version than you are using), however, others (including myself) have had no issues using a Mac. If you haven’t upgraded your OS since the time you were printing successfully, i doubt that is the problem for you

Is the control button actually showing up as “Control”, or does it show as “Save Gcode”?

I’m running Yosemite and Cura 17.10 and sometimes I’ll see the “control” button but a connection can’t be established. In that case I close the control window, unplug the USB cord, plug it back in, hit control and it connects. This happens after I have turned off the printer and then turned it back on sometime later.

In previous versions of Cura, the control window wouldn’t show if Cura had just been started and no other popup opened. My solution for that was to open the expert settings popup from the expert menu, then close it, then press control. It would then open and continue to open thereafter until Cura was closed (or crashed, which was and is a certainty on any print about 4 hours or longer).

It might be worth going through these silly motions to see if there is some strange combination that makes the current version of Cura work on El Capitan.

Also, you might want to install pronterface ( ) – even if you don’t use it, it spits out all the messages Cura might not show when making a connection.

Thanks to all of you who responded to my issue. I failed to get back to my post because I solved my problem by switching to a Windows 8.1 machine. Now I am printing without difficulty. Now my problem is I can’t print in my basement and sit in front of the TV upstairs with my Microsoft Surface on my lap because it is running my Mini. I’ll get by.



Just press “Ctrl + P” link you do in Microsoft Word as a shortcut to ‘Print’

Works just fine.