Help me reset my mini 2

Hi guys - I have been pretty spoiled by the ease of use of the Prusa MK3s printers and have this brand new Desktop Mini 2 that I bought 3 years ago which I never really used. I have been able to print that darn octopus and that is it. I gave up and bought 3 prusa MK3s based off of a friend’s recommendation and have been using them for awhile. However $1500 and 3 yrs later it is still a paper weight and I want to use it. I know it is a good printer and I should be using it. However - I have no idea what is wrong with it. I just started it up today and I think it needs some sort of factory reset. I installed CURA for Lulzbot - and updated the firmware. I go to print a sample from CURA and it goes through some steps - the nozzle never reaches the wipe pad, and then it goes to cooling… I am able to use USB to connect to the printer and control it from CURA.

Is there a way to factory reset the printer the way it was when it arrived?


Do you still have all the documentation that came with the printer?
If so, and if you can re-flash the firmware to its original version + use the CURA version as received… And test from there? (simplified troubleshooting)

Thank you for the suggestion I will give that a try. I still have everything.

What was the CURA version and Z level setting as received?