Lulzbot mini issues

Hey, I sold one of my lulzbot minis to someone and we have been running into an issue getting it running smoothly. I have not used it for about a year(was working perfectly fine before all this) when I set it up again I flashed the firmware to the new one from cura 3.2.32. All ran with ABS and material profile setting from cura. When I first when to print it had an issue where it printed the skirt first then just froze and hung up. Power reset the printer and was able to start a print. The guy just emailed me and has been having issues, first test print hung after about 8 layers in and had to do a powereset, would not take any commands from cura. He said also when the printer is heating up it will hang at 236 and not at 240 as the set point and will not continue. Any help would be great. I may end up just buying it back from him if its to much of a problem.

I sold a mini six months ago – and was really worried that the buyer would try the latest Cura, and that disaster would ensue as a result of the new software. I’ll take responsibility for my packing and boxing of the unit – but it would really really suck to have to accept a return from a buyer due to Lulzbot’s rather, um, not-so-ready-for-primetime Cura software, so I can relate to your situation.

In a nutshell, I printed my own instructions for the buyer, that made it very clear, in BOLD LARGE font, that they MUST do the printer testing upon receipt of same with the original Cura 21.08 version, NOT the new stuff. Since I never heard from the buyer, I’m assuming that worked just fine for them.

Anyway, find Cura 21.08 on the Lulzbot site, load/install that, and get the mini back in operation with that (you may need to reflash the firmware if you updated the firmware as part of the Cura 3.x.x install – heck, I’d reflash it anyway using the Cura 21.08 version, just to make sure. Here’s a link to the legacy version:

(I’m not a luddite – I really don’t like being behind in terms of technology. Cura 3.x.x has been improving regularly throughout the past year, I’m hopeful that they’ll get at least one or two more issues resolved and maybe I’ll be able to use it.)

Thanks I’ll see if he can try an older version. I was using cura 15.02.1 with this one before getting a newer one and running cura 3. I’ll have him try the version you were running and see if that fixes things. Just super frustrating when you know the printer works.