Help with Bottom Warpage

Hello, I have designed up a holder for my daughter and trying to make one for her. I am using white ABS. The quality of it generally I am really happy with but the bottom at both ends has warped up away from the printer bed by maybe 2 or 3 mm. This is the second one I have done and its still the same.

I am using the intermediate settings on Cura for ABS, and have set the infill to 10% on the second print to see if that had an effect. Head temp 240 degrees, bed temp 110 degrees.

Can anyone suggest what i could try to eliminate the warpage (if that’s the correct terminology). I have done some reading, and am i right that enclosing the printer would help stop this as its caused by uneven cooling?

Any help, suggestions or guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thought I would also follow up.

I have to date mainly printed things for my car, like gauge holders etc. Being a machinery designer I am very familiar with ABS as an engineering plastic so i have predominantly used that.

But I must say its a little over whelming the choice of materials we can use in 3D printing!!

Would I be correct that for car parts etc ABS is probably the best choice?

But for things around the home like the caddy above maybe something like T-Glase would be more appropriate? Would T-Glaze be more or less prone to the warpage issue?

I had similar problems doing prints like that in ABS, even with an enclosure. I gave up and switched to esun PETg. Haven’t looked back. ABS i only use now for small parts now.

Try using a 5-10mm brim to seal the bottom to the bed reducing any drafts that contributes to the contraction… which cause the warping. With ABS, I generally don’t cool the part until the print is about 10cm. And when the fan comes on, its usually restricted to 60%.

ABS is great for utilitarian parts which require durability. For a piece like this,an easier filament to print (PETG or PLA) should be fine with minimal warping.

really appreciate the replies guys, as I say maybe i have just gone to ABS as i knew it. Looks like some experimentation with other material is in order :slight_smile:

I fixed my raising up issue by lightly scrubbing my print bed with a magic eraser pad and rubbing alcohol between every print.

I have not had any problems with ABS warping since I did the Openrails X Mod and the Aluminum Plate Mod.
it will cost, but it was definitely worth it. My stock rods were bent and I attribute all my warping and layer issues to that.