Help printing threads

I’m having issues with printing female threads in ABS. The threads are 25mm x 1.5mm pitch. The male threads are not great, but are completely formed. The female threads on the mating nut are almost non-existent, mostly a bunch of non-adhesed threads. I’ve tried tuning my bridge settings, support settings and print speeds. I’m using a .35mm nozzle. Am I asking too much from this technology? I’m wondering if I should try a smaller nozzle, but really want to know if I’d be chasing my tail trying to get results that are beyond FDM technology.

Turn down your retraction.

What can happen when printing the inside of a tube is when the hot end travels then restarts, if it has retracted too much, it will just start with a whisp of plastic which then won’t attach well and you get an octogon or whatever instead of a circle.