Herons Fountain - first long print and long bridges

I’m currently printing my first real long print, a self-designed heron’s fountain. Here is a section cut so you can see how it looks like inside:

I was very afraid about the long bridges that are neccesary to close the two internal tanks (about 8cm long), especialy where the upper right tube has only 1,5mm air gap two the upper deck. If the bridge would sag here and close the pipe, it woun’t work!
Now, after 6h of printing, my bloud pressure finaly comes down again. Bridge is done, pipe not blocked with sagging lines :smiley:

Here are some pictures of the bridge. I’m curious if it will work :laughing:

Interesting print Sebastian. What exactly will this be doing?

Look here for a desciption: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heron’s_fountain

It works, but not as nice as expected… The height difference between the containers seems to be not big enough (= pressure), so it’s no real fountain (only ~3mm high) and it runs not too long. Second problem, the walls are watertight, but small air bubbles can find there way through, so pressure is lost. Maybe a thinner nozzle would help with that to close smaller gaps, and more walls or more solid top/bottom layers are neccesary.

But at least, I’m able to do nice bridges now. Maybe I create a better version later…