Hexagon Hot End

I have a Hexagon Hot End. Re-flash was successful for higher temps.

The Hexagon is about 20mm shorter than Buda 2.0 and can’t crank down Z stop low enough to get to the print bed. With the Z stop all the way down I’m still about 10mm away from the bed. Anyone encounter this or can think of a fix? If I put something under the bed to raise it, then the bed level adjustments won’t work.

Mind posting a photograph of how you mounted the Hexagon? Did you mount it above or below the Extruder mounting plate?
You may want to try a different extruder mount. We’re using this extruder mount: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/fangtooth_guppy/extruder_mt_fangtooth-guppy_0.5.stl

This mount is 10mm shorter, from the top of the extruder mounting surface to the bottom edge of the french cleat. How well did the Hex mate to the extruder?

I’ll need to print the fangtooth mount. I’ll re-post after I get past that step.

Are there Hexagon mounts for the TAZ 4 dual extruder? Also wondering if there are fan mounts we can print out in case I want to print w/ PLA (unless the Hexagon doesn’t require a fan)?

Hexagon does require a fan dedicated to it’s fins. Absolutely a must if you’re doing PLA, nothing but jamming problems without the extra fan.

I was able to print the new mount and solved the Z height problem.

Now on to figuring out PolyCarbonate! Wee!

Hi, I see that the Hexa on reprap discount is equipped for 12V power supply, with it’s heater cartridge and fan.
Is it possible to find ones for 24V since my TAZ3 has that Voltage power supply?

You can use the 12v cartridge with a 24v power supply. You just have to adjust the PID settings in your marlin configuration.h file to half power or you can use the config file on the lulzbot devel site. Here it is http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/fangtooth_guppy/Marlin_fangtooth-guppy/Marlin_high_temp_toolhead/Configuration.h

You also could purchase a 24v heater cartridge but all the one’s that I found online were to long and would stick out of the heater block a couple mm.

Here is a link where they sell it with 24V option-

I am not sure about cutting Voltage to half and how would that effect the system then. I will consult someone

You risk burning it out prematurely though.

I notice in the first post that re-flashing is needed if installing hexa
Are there any instructions for the procedure?
Also, are there any more things I need to know before putting it on?
Like what is the thermistor limit for temperature (but I guess that comes with the hotend package)

And if it’s not a secret where are you guys getting it from? Is it Reprap discount-
they are selling it with 12v heater cartridge only :frowning: