High detail won't stick to print bed

I am running .25mm head on Taz workhorse. When I try to print at ultra high detail the print breaks free from the bed after about an hour. I dont have this problem with any other speed or any other size head.

Are you using a brim? That could help

Several things you can try:
Turn up the bed heat +5C to 10C
Is your initial layer height also .25? If so try increasing it to like .4. If that will mess up your layering height for the detail push it to .5.
Try printing on a different area of the bed, like closer to the corners.
Try blue painter’s tape on the bed
Apply an adhesive like hairspray or magigoo
Add a brim to your print

What material are you printing with?

Initial layer height is at factory preset .2

I have tried different locations.

I use glue sticks

Printing abs

ABS is very challenging. The gluestick then seems to not be a strong enough adhesive.
Try some of the other methods I mentioned.
Are you printing on the Pei sheet?
Try roughing up the area with 1000 grit or finer sand paper and clean afterwards with rubbing alcohol.
Maybe try the ABS slurry mix of Acetone and ABS?
Seems to me that it’s cooling down too much given that it gives after about an hour. Could may improvise a heat chamber if you don’t have one. Card board box or plastic bags or something of the sort.