Highest Temperature / Strength Material - Taz 5

Hi all, gotta say the range of materials that we can use on this machine is amazing, and to a newbie a little confusing.

So I have been asked if its possible to make a part to fit on a car engine, namely a custom thermostat housing for the cooling system. Apparently regular ABS is marginal.

Anyone got any ideas on what may be able to be used?

For a test piece or as a permanent fixture? I can’t think of any FDM material that would hold up in the long run. Possibly one of the Taulman Nylons? SLS could probably handle it. You could print a piece then use that to make a mold and cast the final part out of aluminum though.

Actually Polycarbonate would be a better material both for strength and for heat resistance. I would still not use it as a permanent replacement on a car. It has a working temperature of up to 257f (125c) Last time I changed my thermostat in my car it was for 195f (that is the minimum temperature that it activates) and the average coolant temperature on my car when driving is 220f so 257f on the metal case would be really pushing the plastic near it’s limit before distortion.

Is ethalyne glycol going to eat extruded plastic over time?

Thanks for your input all.