HIPS third test print

I printed a test 10mm cube using Cura 15.02 on my newly completed Kittaz. I used the Lulzbot Cura fine HIPS profile, but changed the bed temp to 110 which seems to work well for adhesion directly on PET and fan set to 40% instead of 35. The issue is that the corners and edges on the side of the print that the fan is facing form nice crisp edges and corners, but the corners and edges on the side of the cube opposite the fan are rounded.

Also, another issue I am having is that while the start gcode is added, the two commands to extrude 3mm of filament don’t seem to occur. On this small 10mm cube, no filament extruded until almost halfway through the print of the first layer.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


The rounded corners are a fact of life with ABS and HIPS. They hate hard corners. The cooling fan helps with the problem but can introduce other issues with HIPS and ABS like layer adhesion issues and warped prints.

You can print and install a second fan on the other side of the print head to get good airflow, but understand that you might have other issues with warping if you add too much cooling.

For the second issue, make sure the print head is up to temp before issuing the extrude code. If the print head is not up to temp the printer will ignore the extrude command.

If you provide a sample of your GCode it would help diagnose the issue better.