HIPS, Over extruding?

I’m trying to print Benchy with HIPS. I’m able to print with ABS just fine, but when I print with HIPS it seems like it’s either over extruding, or I’ve got a cooling issue. Or at least, that’s my best guess. The corners especially seem to raise/curl up so the nozzle ends up pushing into the layers it’s already put down. Here are some photos:

Any ideas on how to correct this?

For reference, I’m printing with nozzle @ 237, Bed @ 110/drops to 100 at .5mm, 90% flow, .2mm layer height, cooling fans set to 60-80%.

Assuming ESUN? I have to set min filament diameter to 3.05mm, flow % to 100. And as I recall 230/110 were the best nozzle/bed temps for my Benchy tests.