HIPS not printing smooth

Have recently started printing with HIPS (Lulzbot’s filament) on a Taz5. Initial prints were horrible using recommended defaults until I turned off the cooling fan. Then quality was looking much better on objects that finished in points at the tips. When printing items with a flat top surface, am finding that the top layer is not laying down smooth and is peeling. Have seen this consistently across different items.
Any thoughts on what is causing this and how to correct?

Nozzle Temp: 245°C
Bed Temp: 110°C
Cooling fan: Off

Thank you

Have you measured the diameter of the filament and entered the exact value in the slicer? The eSun HIPS seems to have a larger diameter (close to 3mm) than the Village Plastics ABS (consistently 2.85mm). You’ll get wrinkles in top (and bottom) layers if the printer is over-extruding due to wrong filament size.

What color are you using?

Have not measured but did use a default value of 2.89. Will double check and try with exact value.
Am using the gray filament.
The top is not wrinkled - its more like a single layer of peeling skin after a sun burn - layer underneath looks smooth and clean just not easy or nice to peel that layer off, especially around corners and at holes.