Has anyone had experience printing HIPS? I was wondering how it is compared to ABS, both during the print (bed settings, warping, etc) and afterwards (harder? easier to snap? rougher surface?).

My TAZ is on order and I picked up this on amazon (http://amzn.com/B00BY83BUI) to test HIPS.


LulzBot sells HIPS we’ve tested with our machines. It sticks to the bed easy, doesn’t warp (at least no where near as much), it lays down nice, etc. It is probably one of the easier materials to use. I don’t know about the particular HIPS you got though.

Have you tried priming HIPS with various “plastic” spray can primers? I am looking for materials besides ABS and PLA to make art objects. The strength of the material isn’t very important to me, but the ability to finish it well is.

I haven’t done post processing of the HIPS, but it seems like something that could be painted with acrylics & spray paints if I had to guess.


What disadvantges does this material have compared to pla / abs?

Its very brittle compared to ABS.

It’s basically the same material as those thin white plastic disposable cups. and if you bend those cups too much, they will crack.