Home Built my Taz 5

Just finished building my Taz 5 from scratch. Its not a 100% clone. Instead of utilizing a Rambo board, I used a Ramps 1.4 that I made simple mods to, to get it to operate at 24 volts. I designed a simple enclosure to mount the electronics, and added a servo actuated bed leveling probe, along with led lights under the x carriage. The cable chain mounts on the Y axis is a modified version created by Piercet.

That came out nice! I like the servo actuated leveling arm too.

On the off chance you ever want to swap in the metal x end plates, it looks like I-T-W.com has them in stock again https://itworks3d.com/product/lulzbot-taz-4-5-x-axis-endplate/
the main advantage there being that you could eventually mount the openbuilds extrusion X axis if you were ever so inclined.

I saw that and was going to order a pair today. Ive been looking at your mods for some time, especiallt your openrail mods, and love them.

Thanks! they do come in handy. Sorry to hear you had difficulty with the other plate source.

Ordered the plates, and some extras for possibly another build in the future. As for the other source, because I was in a hurry I had been willing to pay WAY too much, like $80 for a pair. So if the bank awards me my money back, I’m ahead.

Also here are some screen shots of your Y Cable Chain Mount V2 that I modified allowing it to be mounted upside down from your design, which places the cable chain and mount below the surface of the bed.

If you like I can send the Freecad file to you.

With your permission I’d like to release this modified version, when I get all my files in order I plan on releasing the electronics enclosure on thingiverse once I recreate the extruder mount assembly that incorporates the Z probe servo mount, but I’m still new to CAD software, and a bit slow. I’ve only been playing with it for about 2 months in my spare time.

Sure, feel free to release the connector as a remix if you would like. Nice work!