Openbuilds Cable Chain & E3D Mod for Taz

I finished adding the X-Y openbuilds mod by piercet. I modified the cable chain mod for the X-Y-Z and wanted to share in case someone wanted to do the same. I did the X-Z chain this way because my enclosure limited the vertical space for the x-axis chain when at max Z.

X-Z Cable Chain
The X-Z cable chain bolts into the frame, x motor mount and x backplate. You’ll need 6x M3 heat sets to screw the cable chain ends on the x-axis. For the Z axis, the chain snaps into both ends. The cable chain holder screws into the belt screws from the x backplate of the openbuilds mod.
I used this cable: which is nice since it’s open lay, in case you want to add/remove links without unscrewing or re-feeding the cable.
cable_chain_plate_holder.STL (98.5 KB)
x_motor_cable_v2.STL (332 KB)
frame_cable.STL (525 KB)

Y Cable Chain
Just an alternate design to piercet’s y axis cable chain mod. I recommend using 2x M3 Heat sets on the bed holder to attach the chain to. The other part screws into the frame and you can also use 2x M3 heat sets there too, if you want.
bed_holder_v3.STL (439 KB)
Frame_holder.STL (63.2 KB)

E3D Mod

Please excuse the rat’s nest of wires. I have an adapter for the 16-pin connector so it’s pushing out all the wires. I need to modify this extruder to use the 16 pin connector.

I created a slightly taller mounting plate for my E3D so that the nozzle didn’t protude down as far. Because of that I had to modify wantmys2000’s strengthened extruder design to acount for that. I also used the new mangrove extruder mount. I modified the fan ducts so that they point right at the nozzle tip. For the fan I just mirrored the model for the other side.

Strengthened TAZ 5 Extruder Body - 5mm Shorter - Spacer.stl (57.7 KB)
Strengthened TAZ 5 Extruder Body - 5mm Shorter.stl (1.05 MB)
e3d_mangrove_fan.STL (1.06 MB)
E3D_mounting_plate_v2.STL (65.1 KB)
Capacitive Sensor
I modified the vitormhenrique’s capacitive sensor holder to account for my larger sensor. Also I used the heat set screw hole from the mangrove mount (where the AO-Hex blower would be) to screw in the holder to minimize sensor movement. If you do use a capacitive sensor, I recommend using smaller bed washers for the bed holder. I’m using the ones from the Taz Mini which gives me enough clearance where I don’t have to worry about my sensor hitting the bed corners when Z is homed.

proximity_holder.STL (110 KB)

That turned out nice! Good job!

As a side note: if you decide to do the Y openbuilds mod, make sure to add piecet’s nozzle cleaner on the back of the bed, similar to the Taz mini: That, plus discojon’s nozzle wipe/purge gcode at the start of a print, and I haven’t had any issues with loose filament or particles on the nozzle or even needing to print a skirt at the start of the print.

That looks nice! I like the enclosure also.

@ piercet - Thanks for putting together those great mods!

@ kcchen_00 - Thanks! We don’t have a big place, and that’s all the space we can really afford for our printer. So I built a rolling table island for the printer.

You’re welcome! I enjoy making them, glad people are getting some use out of them.

Whats the advantage to the cable chain? Is it just to get the wires off the frame so you can get your z that bit higher?

For me, the Y cable chain was the most practical and easiest to implement. The bed cable was dragging on the table and catching on some temp probe cables. So the cable chain lifted it off to eliminate any catching.

For the X-Z, it was a lot of work for not as much reward. Especially since I ended up extending the extruder wires as I tested alternate designs. You may be able to do this mod without splicing the extruder wires, which makes it a ton easier to implement. The x cable chain did help eliminate a small collision I had with the cable and my light bar when near z max and it gave me a little more z max room. So overall, I like the look of the x-z cable chain and it does have some minor benefits, but it doesn’t really add much reward for the effort.

I agree, the y bed cable chain is functional in that it removes the potential of a board or bed damaging cable snag from even the remote possibility of occurring. The x and z mod is more just aesthetic, and unlike the y mod which is easy to implement, is rather more of a pain in the ass.

Here are some close up pictures of the x-axis chain mod: