Taz Cable Chain mounts

There are several variants of this type of thing floating around already, this is where I am going to store my take on them. Starting with the Y bed and frame cable chain mount. I went with a 10 x 15mm chain for everything. Here is the Thingiverse project for the Y axis piece so far. next up will be the Z and X mounts, which will be specific to the Openrails mods. The Y axis will fit a stock printer though just fine.

Y axis Cable chain mounts: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1145951

Y_bed_chain anchor_Bed_Latch_1_0_a .stl (70.5 KB)
Y_bed_chain anchor_bed_base_1_0_a.stl (143 KB)
Y_bed_chain anchor_Frame_1_0_a.stl (90.7 KB)

Thanks for sharing! I’ve been meaning to switch to a cable chain.

You’re welcome! I’ve been using it all day and it seems to work well so far.

I got the Z cable chain mounted after much amusing near catastrophy. Turns out the Z cables require a 15 x 20mm cable chain, which I had, and ends, which I did not have. I ended up having to zip tie and duct tape the wires out of the way long enough to print the ends and I came up wit an absolute monstrosity of a Z chain on X axis end mounting plate that I am really not happy with yet. Mainly because the X chain then fits just fine, but will hit the top of the gantry at full Z extension. So that needs some rework yet. here are the parts though so far if anyone is curious or wants them.
end2.stl (242 KB)
end 1.stl (153 KB)
bed chain anchor eA.stl (125 KB)
bed chain anchor D.stl (152 KB)

I “think” this is going to end up being the final chain mount from the X motor block to the backplate. It might print without support, but I plan on using support anyways. The theory is the chain end anchors to the base, which replaces the outer washers of the belt anchor. Then the curved section guides the two extruder cables up under the cable chain itself and off two the extruder cable anchor points, hopefully not hitting anything. This may take a few attempts to get right.
bed chain anchorg.stl (227 KB)
bed chain anchor b2.stl (111 KB)

Finished the Openbuilds specific mouniting sections for the Taz. You will NEED to have the openbuilds X axis mod to installed to utilize these latest pieces. The Y axis piece will work on any Taz atill.

Z and X axis Cable chain Mounts of Doom!

Openrails_Z_to_X_Cable_Chain-Midpoint_transition_7_0_c.stl (173 KB)
Openrails_X_Carriage_Cable_Chain_End_5_0_c.stl (360 KB)
Openrails_Z_frame_Cable_Chain_End_3_0_a.stl (152 KB)

More pictures

Last set of pictures for this project (I hope! Seriously, cable chain design is annoying!!!)

New files for the Y axis bed mount. This version is significantly shorter to allow proper clearance for low left hand fan mounts when printing in the extreme upper left of the print bed.

Yes, I figured out that I needed to change those the hard way…
Y_bed_chain_anchor_Bed_Latch_2_0_a.stl (39.7 KB)
Y_bed_chain_anchor_bed_base_2_0_a.stl (74.9 KB)