Homing Failed - Mini 2

Trying to get my Mini 2 running and not going well - had to return head for a filament issue and it was also not assembled properly and won’t connect to my laptop - so not impressed so far

Tried the manual home X axis since the Mini 2 will not connect to my laptop

Picked X axis home from the menu on the Mini 2

Results: Moved to the left and ugly grinding sound

Homing Failed
Please reset

So now what do I do with this printer that still has not produced the test print for me?


Contact Lulzbot support?

I klutzed around a bit and Auto Home seemed to start working -

Some of the online “advice” suggested moving things - which did not impress me - so maybe magic - but up and running now but still on the learning curve,

I had this problem with my mini 2 at the beginning as well. What I found out was that the homing sequence to the left does not use any mechanical end stop switches like it does on the z axis (up). Instead it uses some kind of sensorless homing feature in the firmware to detect the end of movement (my assumption is it detects an electrical current spike or something). So when it can’t detect that movement to the left has stopped, it’s because there isn’t enough resistance at the end of the axis to trigger the detection. What I did to fix this was to gently and carefully push back against the print head once it starts to make the “ugly grinding sound”. This increases the resistance enough to hit the trigger. After a handful of times manually intervening like this, the problem went away and I haven’t had to do it since. Maybe you can get an official fix if you’re under warranty, but I wanted to share my solution in case it helps others along the way.

I have the same problem, I have managed to fix it (for now) placing a piece of plastic over the left side of the carriage ( piece of an SD card case draped over the side with a cutout to go to the rear of the guiderail). So far it seems to work, although I have yet to figure out what changed and what the underlying problem is.

Just bumping this thread as I’m also having this issue. I’ll give camranerd’s suggestion a shot though!