Homing Failed, Please Reset

Several times when beginning a print, my Mini 2 does the X axis movement, moving the carriage to the left (the very first thing it does, before auto leveling, etc.), then grinds for a second or so, then puts up the message “Homing Failed: Please Reset”. I noticed that this seems to more likely happen if the tool head is more to the left when beginning. I work around this by powering off and manually pushing the tool head to the right, then starting again, after which it works.

Is there a better way to address this problem? How does one “reset”? Is manually moving the head with the power off ill advised? Are there some x axis margins that need to be adjusted?

It seems to be getting worse, as in it’s happening more often. Now it sometimes gets past the initial homing, does the hot end cleaning on the pads, then when it tries to home again just after the head cleaning, it jams, grinds and then aborts the print. See attached video. Sounds horrible! Please help!
IMG_0179.mp4 (5.09 MB)

I just noticed something odd with the top of the tool head: a wire connector that seems to be at an odd angle. Maybe it’s loose?

I called tech support, and D. H. gave me a simple fix: adjusting the bump stop for the x axis. It no longer grinds! Yes!

How do you adjust the bump stop? I am having the same issue and it’s getting worse. Thanks!

To adjust your bump stop you will just need to loosen the two small 1.5mm hex screws that hold it in place (don’t completely remove them). Then with the screws loose grip the bump stop and pull it out towards the toolhead (to the right). Tighten the screws back into place while holding the bump stop in position.

I’ve attached a photo of the bump stop to help you locate the correct area.

I also have this problem and it is totally random. It sometimes happen before the bed leveling and sometimes thereafter and sometimes not at all.

I have tried your bump stop advice above but it still happens sometimes - absolutely random - can’t pin point when and why.

Really very frustrating. Please help!!! :frowning:

You can also change the sensitivity of the bump stop as well.
To do this you will open a console window in Cura and then issue the command M914, this will give you the current sensitivity that the bumpstop is set to. Please take note of what it is before making any changes to it. Once you have taken note of what the current sensitivity is, you will enter M914 X2 in the console window, this will increase the sensitivity of the bumpstop a little bit. You will then want to issue the M500 command to save the change.

We do recommend doing the other steps first, to make sure it isn’t a hardware issue.

Great! Thanks I have sent the command and so far so good! :smiley:

This is working wonderfully - only problem is it resets back to the original setting every now and again (seems to be when the printer was switched off for a while) and then I have to resend the command. Is there any way this can be changed permanently?