Hope you kept your TAZ box...simple "heated" enclosure

I cut up, and taped up the Box that the TAZ came in to make a simple “heated” build chamber.
I use “heated” in quotes because there is no extra heater…just the heat from the machine itself.

The pictures should be enough to make your own. but this may limit the travel a little. If the Z height of your prints are large, the filament guide may hit the top. I left the foam door loose so the Y table can push into it when the print is done.

so far the temperature inside is staying just over 40 deg C (105 deg F), and this is in an air conditioned room (about 74 deg F)

It would be good to document that it reduces warp and cracking by doing a part in ABS with and without the box.

I did do 2 similar parts.

no box did have some cracks…with box did not. But there were a few other variables too.

I need to find a decent part that doesn’t take too long and print them identically, with and without the box.

My short bolt here cracked in ABS with heat on my Printrbot:


I printed it 3x normal size.

I then had Slic3r print a single layer wall around it as it was being build, and it still cracked.

While this part is not super fast to print, it is cool to have a giant bolt when you are done.

BTW, My boss saw what I was doing with the box, and now this has officially been termed “hot boxing” the print :sunglasses:

What will you do now if you need to ship it!!!?

lots of tape, and the box is good as new.

similar parts printed before and after the enclosure.