Replacement heat-resistor in the UK/EU?

I came back to a print that failed pretty nastily, so I stopped it/cleaned up the plate and thought nothing more of it. Later on I tried to heat up the printer again but after a minute or two the LCD died and wouldn’t turn on. I traced that problem down to a blown F3 resistor on the RAMBo and swapped it out with the F2 (which I believe just used for the motors) while I wait for more to be delivered - now it all powers on fine (with them swapped).

I noticed when I was looking at the heating-block that it looks like there’s PLA inside and to make things worse the hot-end/resistor is not heating up now . As far as I can see nowhere in the UK seems to sell the resistor - though tbh I’m not 100% sure what I’m looking.

So firstly - is there a chance that a failed print caused the heat-resistor to fail which in turn caused a fuse to blow on the RAMBo?

Anyone know anywhere in the UK/EU (ideally in London that’s open tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:) that sells the heat-resistors? If not I’m tempted by something like ( - might not be the best quality thing but it seems the most simplest and fastest way to get a replacement.

Any help is appreciated.

While I don’t have any local UK recommendations for replacements like this, we can help. Send a couple of pictures of the hot end with the following information in an email to

  • Order number

  • 3D printer serial number

  • Contact information

  • Shipping information

Additionally- the small fuses are for two things: board logic like you found, and for the stepper motors & hot end heater. More than likely once you replace the blown fuse with the one you’ve ordered it should heat up again.

Thanks for the reply and help. I’ll get an email sent shortly.

I had a look at the resistor and it looks burned out sadly (,9eCQulY#0,9eCQulY#1 ). Would you say its likely just bad luck on my part or could the bad print/my actions be to blame?

My hotend stopped heating up, how would I know if it’s the resistor or just the fuses? Where are the fuses located?


Props, appreciate that. Hmmmm…small enough now isn’t it. I guess there is not way of telling visually if it’s blown without replacing it?

If you have a multimeter you could test it - I found that fuse size was pretty tricky to find and only a few places stocked it in the UK. One thing (though someone please correct me if I’m wrong) - I don’t think is it possible for of these blown fuses to be affecting the hot-end without having other obvious symptoms?

What I saw when mine blew was: (F3 was blown) The printer wouldn’t power up/LCD wouldn’t turn on. When I swapped it with F2 (which I believe handles the motors) it would power up fine + the heated-bed working (I didn’t test the motors for obvious reasons).

So what I assume is if F3 blows everything seems dead, if F2 blows it shouldn’t affect the hot-end though if it does then the motors shouldn’t be working.

Well, no need for testing then, because EVERYTHING worked except for the heater not heating up. But anyway, I have another thread going where I explain the issue, pretty much 95% sure it’s the resistor, to back that up, I’m reading nothing across it for ohms also…