Hot tub part from HIPS or ABS?

I have a friend who wants me to print up a part that’s going to be submerged in a hot tub and I was wondering if HIPS or ABS would be best for this application. Which is going to stand up better to being in hot water for extended periods of time? If ABS, should I treat the part with acetone? Is there something I should treat the HIPS with? The hot tub is covered when not in use, so there’s not going to be direct sunlight. Thanks.

My vote would be ABS. Nylon if you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt.

For a part which is going to be sub!edged at length and exposed to chlorine, I’d make sure it was printed pretty densely. With ABS, higher extrusion temps and no fan cooling (unless you have bridges) to ensure a good bond between adjacent layers. Acetone will further ensure good bonding between layers.

Good luck. Report back!

if you do decide to go with the HIPS than you could treat the part with Lemonine (you can get a 32oz can for $11 on amazon, I’m sure you could find it cheaper too) and it would effectively do the same thing as acetone does to ABS.