How did the impossible gear turn out

I’m using Polydissolve S1 and Taulman Bridge Nylon on the prints because my boss only had n-gen and nylon filaments. I tried the n-gen and they didn’t want to stick together so I tried the nylon and it stuck together but after it was in the water the part started to fall apart at the bottom of the gear to the cover it just falls off. The nylon is bowing and seems to be weird. I need some help we are trying to get this part right before we do our own things. I would like to see and hear how everyone’s turned out.

Start with PLA and PolyDissolve S1. You’ll get the best results when the build material and support material are extruded at nearly the same temperature, like PLA/S1, at 190C-205ishC. The greater the temperature differential, the more difficulty you’ll have.

Ngen likes hotter temperatures, as does most nylons. Starting with PLA will be the easiest way to get moving, them move onto the other materials. Reach out to the support team for detailed tips:

I found out the problem it wasn’t the material it was the settings for the infill. It was set for grid and small walls. I changed it to one of the tetrahedral and raised the thickness and it printed out beautifully. The nylon worked for me with it running at 235 I slowed down the first layer and the feed rate on the machine to 90% so that my part would turn out nicer and it worked really good. My boss is having me do a Epicyclic Bevel Gear Reducer now and I’m going to let it do it at the normal 100% rate and see how that works. It says 14 hours and 23 minutes. I’m still using the taulman bridge nylon for it and so far it looks great. What would be different with the PLA to make it better to use. I am running my Polydissolve S1 at 220 and it is doing just fine. With the n-gen I was running it at 240 and it changing it to try to get it to stick but it just wouldn’t. I could use so tips on if the n-gen has any PVA that works with it because we have a lot of n-gen and want to be able to print it without having to cut supports out.