How to get ArcWelder working on a Lulzbot Mini?

I have this print and I was hoping I could use ArcWelder as a plugin so that the rails can be smoother. I have read some documentation on how it can work on Ultimaker printers and with PrusaSlicer. However my attempts have not changed the quality of print. Plugins do not seem to be enabled on Cura for Lulzbot version 3.6.23. Any insight would be appreciated.

This looks like something more easily addressed with your stl, not Arc welder (And I use arc welder). Your model looks to have very large angled facets. I doubt arc welder would replace those, at least at default arc resolution settings. Can you not output a higher-resolution stl? (I.e. more facets) Your mini can print nice rounded parts without arc welder, but you need to slice with a more rounded (faceted) part for this to happen.

AFA arc welder is concerned, I have no clue re cura LE, as I haven’t used for years. There is an arc welder plug-in (Arc Welder ) for octoprint that post-processes Goode from any slicer using arc welder, so you could give that a try.

I opened an issue against the Arc Welder plugin but after multiple failed attempts, the author has decided that LulzBot has screwed up CuraLE to the point where he isn’t interested in supporting it.

My TAZ 6 is connected to OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi so I have access to the Arc Welder plugin for OctoPrint.

It isn’t a lot of work to use Ultimaker Cura instead of CuraLE. You have to copy the profile information and the start and end gcode.