How to improve horizontal detail?

Okay, so I finally fixed my printer on the weekend (broken y-axis gear - see my earlier posts).

Finally having fun with the mini, it’s going well.

My only issue now is that I can’t get any decent horizontal detail. Z-detail is great - I can print all the way down to 0.15mm height with no issues at all.

But anything with close detail horizontally fuses together. Holes come out smaller than they need and walls are thicker.

As an example, I tried to print the Tiny planetary gears and the holes are way too small, even after lots of post processing with a knife and a drill I couldn’t make it work.

I see the nozzle size it 0.5mm which is quite large, are there any upgrades I can get to improve this?

Sounds like you’re overextruding if walls are too thick and circles smaller.

A smaller nozzle will help detail… still need to make sure you’re extruding the proper amount of filament.

What kcchen said plus, you can also try scaling the print in all dimensions – this will naturally scale the gaps between parts. For example, I recently tried making this:

At 100%, some of the joints would move, but if I tried moving the stuck ones they just broke off.
110%: same result.
125%: worked great.

As you suspect, the issue is in part the nozzle width (but note the possibility of over-extruding). Much of the stuff on Thingiverse is optimized for a printer with a 0.35mm nozzle. You can replace the nozzle but you’ll want a torque wrench that reads 30 inch/pounds, and a 7mm crows foot adapter.

Thread about doing this:
Lulzbot Instructions:
I bought nozzles here, but it isn’t the only source:

Thanks for the replies. It doesn’t look too hard to replace, just a matter of unscrewing and putting the new one on. I’ll have to see if I can find a torque measuring wrench in imperial (I’m in Australia).

What size nozzle do you recommend? I am thinking 0.35, should I go any smaller? I don’t think I’ll ever need any more detail than the example I gave. I’d expect the smaller you go the more likely it is to jam.

I recently started using a 0.4 mm nozzle – it seems a good compromise between speed, ease of extrusion, and detail.

Anyone know of where to get a 0.35 nozzle for the mini? RepRapDiscount want $20 to deliver an $8 part. Anywhere else that will deliver internationally? Why don’t Lulzbot sell them?