Lulzbot Mini .6mm Nozzle print setting adjustments

I have a .6 mm nozzle on my Mini and it’s become clear that simply changing the nozzle diameter doesn’t do much. Getting smooth sides and top/bottoms that are solid seems impossible so far. I use Simplify3D so I can change pretty much any settings. The sides seem to be on overextrusion issue but the top/bottom seem like either underextrusion or like my z-offset isn’t right.


The 0.69 extrusion multiplier seems really small, so I’m thinking under-extrusion is actually the problem. I would recommend doing an E-step calibration (if you haven’t already), set E-Steps in firmware, and then increase that multiplier to 95% (0.95) or even 100% (1.00). You can then fine-tune it after running some test prints. But with E-Steps calibrated, I run most filaments at 100% and have never had to go below 95%.

Only other parameter I question is “outline overlap”. I usually get holes between solid infill and perimeters if I don’t increase that to about 28%.

I like to increase the “first layer line width” as well, usually at 120%, but that’s more personal preference.

Can’t tell from the pictures about the z-offset. A good way to test that is print a single-line outline / skirt, and use calipers to measure the thickness. Compare that to your calculated first layer thickness (multiply Primary_Layer_Height by First_Layer_Height_Percent). You want that first layer to be very slightly less than the calculated thickness (i.e., a little “squish”, perhaps 0.05 or so).