.25mm nozzle PLA profile?

Wanting to see how much additional detail I can squeeze out of my fairly new Mini 2.
Currently, I’m using the .5mm nozzel and the unaltered High Detail - 0.18mm for PolyLite PLA. Need guidance on settings I need to adjust for .25mm nozzle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Change the nozzle size. Adjust the extrusion to 130%. Tweak the extrusion temp as necessary…

Post your results.

Why the suggestion to extrude beyond 100%?

I’ve never thought that much about it, to be honest. The slicers I’ve used default to ~120%.

If I were to dissect this setting, the extra extrusion could:

  • accommodate filament diameter inconsistencies
  • promote layer adhesion
  • some quirky fluid dynamic characteristic of compressed plastics… :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought of extrusions as toothpaste out of the tube (vertical). Try squeezing out less than the width of the opening to the counter or toothbrush bristles. More consistent to utilize the tube opening… than less than the tube opening.

Hey hey, we just happen to be working on that right now! We recently announced the Aerostruder Micro and have been working on those profiles.

Feel free to download the latest Cura LulzBot Edition from here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/software/cura-lulzbot/ Add in another machine as the LulzBot Mini 2 Aerostruder v2 Micro and all of our latest profiles will be there for you. We may have one more set of slight tweaks, but they should be doing pretty good at this point.

Well I’m pleased!
Have yet to try the mini 2 micro profiles but here’s what I got last night just fumbling around:

After threading in a .25 nozzle to heater block the z-height will likely change somewhat? I’m having trouble getting the bead of PLA to stick to the plate during the skirt-ing. Is there a procedure for re-identifying the correct z-height (other than adjusting setting by .01 and printing a test)? … what thickness should a skirt from .25 nozzle ideally be?

We have found that a Z offset adjustment will likely be required. We have our first layer set to 0.2mm in the profiles, which is just about half of what we have on the 0.5mm nozzle. This will mean a tighter first tolerance for that layer.

My personal favorite is to print an ~30mm x30mm cube. As the first layer is going down, you can adjust the Z offset via the LCD. This will update on the fly (It may take a couple passes to clear the buffer) until you get it to where you like it. I usually make adjustments in the 0.05mm to 0.1mm at a time to help speed things up.

We also have a great guide here with more visual clues that will help tone that in: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/z-axis-offset-adjustment-LulzBot-Mini/maintenance-repairs/

Are you guys going to sell a TAZ version of the micro?

That is indeed something that is currently in development, you can sign up for announcements on our latest products here.

FWIW - A print using the Mini 2 Micro Standard profile (top) and a print using the Mini 2 High Detail profile modified for a .25 nozzle (bottom)
modification notes:

regarding the link to new Micro profiles,
Do I install the firmware for the Micro on my Mini 2
study the profile params and create same with Mini 2 printer active?

Is the Micro a Mini 2 with a .25mm nozzle?