How to load filament into SE tool head


I just installed the SE tool head for the first time and trying to load filament. I cannot seem to feed it through the black piece fully? I’ve attached a photo of the section I’m referring to. Is there something I’m not adjusting properly that’s preventing the filament going in?

UPDATE: I figured out how to do it by loosening the spring and shifting the black part forward until the filament started feeding

Ensure that you trim the edge of the filament at a 45 degree slant. With particularly troublesome filaments, I cut it to a point with a pair of 45 degree cuts.

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Wrathernaut’s suggestion is something we’ve been doing ever since the E3D Titan Aero was first introduced on Lulzbots. There are several interfaces for the edge of the end of the filament to get caught on. The other thing, and this is especially true for filament toward the end of a spool where the bend radius is tighter, is try to straighten the filament out so it doesn’t have a curve.

And of course, as you mentioned turn the thumbscrew all the way clockwise for the least amount of tension from the spring.