How to print 1.75 material on TAZ Workhorse

How d i print 1.75 material on TAZ Workhourse

We offer a tool head specifically for 1.75mm filament.

The M175:

We do not recommend running the smaller diameter filament through the SE or HE tool heads as the diameter of the hot end is much wider and can cause jams/clogs that are quite difficult to get out.

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I’ve printed 1.75 mm filament with the older standard print heads without any trouble using the guidelines on the lulzbot website. I’m using a Taz 6.

The hexagon hotend is quite a bit different than the Titan Aero from e3d.

The response e3d gives regarding running 1.75mm filament in a 3.00mm tool head is, “You cannot use 1.75mm filament in a 3mm hotend.”

We do have a tips and tricks guide, but as it states at the bottom, the possibility of clogging and jamming the tool head increases.