1.75 mm filament in 3.0 mm hot end

Hello guys,

I want to ask if it is ok to use 1.75 mm filament in a hot end that is suitable for 3.0 mm filament. The hot end specifications says it is recommended to use 3.0 mm but what I have and what I do experiment on is 1.75 mm filaments.

does anyone have tried to print different filament sizes ?


Which version of the TAZ do you have?

For the most part it seems like folks have had good success getting through surplus 1.75mm filament on the Hexagon hotends (Taz 5/6) when moving from other machines.

If you’re buying new filament, get the right sized 3.0mm filament.

If you want use 1.75mm all the time, best to convert the hotend.

Do a search for “1.75mm” on the forums… there was a lot of traffic a year or two ago about capabilities and compatibilities. Hopefully someone on the forum can chime in with their experiences.