How to print a figure with attachable parts?

I have a model from zbrush that I would like to print out in parts. I’m looking at printing head, torso, legs all separately. I can tuck the head into the torso area, and legs under the jacket of the character but ideally I’d like to maybe make a notch in the torso where the head can sit with precision, as well as the torso on top the legs with precision. I have 2 filaments available, which would be better the HIPS or ABS?

Do you have a modeler you can cut the figure up with?

For example my workflow is Z brush, to Rhino CAD, then in Rhino I would cut the figure into the parts I need, add pins, ball and socket, or what ever the attachment is, then go to print. Rhino is a really good hybread modeler. What you need is a moder wpwith Boolen functionality. Booleans are basically a way to subtract one part from another, add 2 or more parts together to become 1, cut a mesh, solids, or surface into multiple peaces. You can use any combination of parts to do subtraction or addition.

That actually helps me out alot, thank you!

No problem.