How to print with variable infill density

I would like to be able to print an object that has different infill densities in various regions of the object. Found a YouTube tutorial showing how it is done with Cura-Ultimaker; however, I cannot figure out how to make that process work with Cura-Lulzbot. That process involved making the part in two bodies, changing the mesh type for each, then merging and printing.

I have a Mini 2 printer. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


I’m not sure that feature is available in CuraLE but with a little bit of effort, you can add your Mini 2 printer to Ultimaker Cura and use that instead.

Start with a custom printer and move the settings (including start and end gcode). I’ve done it for my TAZ 6 both single and dual extruders.

Thanks! I did not know that was possible. Great suggestion.

Your suggestion re Ultimaker Cura worked very well. And, after trying varying infill density with that, it was easy to figure out how to do it in Cura Lulzbot which is so much better with my printer.

There are a couple of good tutorial by CHEP on YouTube for those interested.

Thanks again.

Can you provide links to the videos you found most useful, please?

Sure. Please see below: