Dual extruder help

Hi all.

Really hope someone can help me here. :smiley:

I would like to print the infill with extruder 1 and the shell with extruder 2.
Is that possible and how?


Yes, it should be possible. This would be accomplished by settings in your slicer but you didn’t mention what slicer you are using.

I’ll assume that you are using the latest version of CuraLE (3.2.27):

  1. Open CuraLE and go to Preferences, Settings
  2. In the search box, type “extruders”
  3. Under Shell, click to turn on which features you want to control
  4. Under Infill, click to turn on the extruder control
  5. Click “Close”
  6. Select “Custom” for Print Setup
  7. Load your model and set the extruder you want for each feature.
  8. Slice, print, and enjoy!

Note: I have not printed anything using these settings. I just verified that the layer view looks correct. Let us know if you are successful using these settings.