how to remove ngen from heatbed


While moving my 3d printer, I guess I disturbed the calibration and the filament was 3d printer way to close to the heatbed. After a while I noticed this and stopped the 3d print but now I can’t seem to remove the ngen filament that’s almost at the same surface height of the heatbed.

I have attached a picture of the heatbed.

Can you please guide me about how to remove it? Is there a chemical solution that I can use? scraping it off doesn’t seem to work well.

Heat the bed to between 50-60° C and let it sit for a few minutes. This will soften the nGen and help it to release. Then very carefully scrape the filament off and try not to scratch the PEI. Remember the bed will be hot so you may want to wear an oven mit. For any remaining filament or scratches, lightly sand the PEI with 300 grit sandpaper.