Large flat ngen part stuck to PEI Bed

Hi all,

Enjoying the ngen filiment, but did a larger print than normal (see image) around 12cm x 10cm x 10cm with a flat base, I applied the pva glue stick first and let it print for 12 hours. Came back the next daub and it’s stuck to the print bed.

I can’t seem to budge it and I’m worried i might damage something if I apply too much force.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Warm the bed back to 50 degrees. Try carefully applying some water or rubbing alcohol around the base of the part to wick under the part and help break the stick.

Thanks, the bed was already at 50 degrees. I had to turn it up to 120 degrees and even then it was still hard stuck, with a lot of twisting i managed to get it free, but it has warped the base from twisting.

I’ll try some alcohol based solution ext time, which product do you recommend?

I use diluted (20-30%) IPA.