How to remove PEI

Step 1… forget glue…
Step 2… print NinjaFlex SemiFlex…
Step 3…

Step 4… I hit the build plate with alcohol and let it soak, scraped with a razor… repeated… took a few tries to get all the adhesive off but it’s a squeaky clean build plate now.

Seems like a waste of filament…?

You don’t say…

I just started the process of removing the PEI from my 2nd Taz 5, as I only print SemiFlex and my ability to apply glue evenly is apparently questionable. (I missed a spot and popped a dime size hole out of the 2nd print bed removing it.)

I’d strongly suggest anyone doing lots of ninjaflex/semiflex prints to simply buy the glass bed or use blue tape where you can’t miss a spot.

No fun. We use Goo-Gone to remove the PEI adhesive.
Reheating the bed to 70-90C also helps with ninjaflex/semiflex removal.
We just did a test over the weekend, wish we could have posted before it happened to you.

OK, now that the PEI is off, my next question is where can I buy replacement glass? Lulzbot is out-of-stock so an alternative source for the 300mm^2 plate would be appreciated.

I have replacement PEI but I do not want to apply it until I have a surface I don’t have to worry about damaging to print on!

Nevermind, it’s back in stock… as a side note their product alerts aren’t functional.