How to removed printed objects

I’m a NOOB… I have a Taz4 and am printing ABS (and using Cura if that matters). When In print I’m setting the nozel to 230 and the bed to 85. I also have been printing with a layer of Lulzjuice. Two questions…

First, after the piece has been printed, should I remove the object while the bed is hot, or should I wait for the bed to cool down?

Second, so far I’ve been removing the objects with the bed still hot/warm. Last night I tried out waiting for the bed to cool, and well… the object seems pretty darn fused to the print bed. I think I’m going to try heating the bed and then try prying the object off.

Any suggestions on how the best way to remove prints?



Are you printing on glass or PEI or what? I’ve done both: remove when hot and remove when cold, I don’t see a lot of difference. However if you’re having difficulty getting the parts to come off you might try reducing the amount of ABS in your Lulzjuice. Printing on PEI especially requires attention to the amount of ABS in your juice, many don’t use any Lulzjuice with PEI at all (I find it depends on the part), if you have a lot of ABS in your juice you might not be able to get the part off without destroying the part or damaging your PEI. You might want to see if the parts you print stick well to your bed without juice. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


It’s a stock Taz4, so I’m printing onto the PET sheet. I’m also applying a liberal amount of Lulzjuice. Odd timing… this morning I was thinking that I should try reducing the amount of Lulzjuice I use. I started using Lulzjuice b/c the second print I tried to make ended up detaching from the plate half way through the printing. I tried a second time and it too detached (I wasn’t printing with a brim), so I started to use Lulzjuice with my prints.

I think I’ll try 1) using acetone to remove most of the leftover Lulzjuice off the plate, 2) try printing with just a very light amount of ABS and Lulzjuice and experiment a bit.

I haven’t decided to make the switch yet, but I’ve been reading through the forum, trying to pick up tips, and it looks like a lot of people are having great results with removing the PET film and applying a sheet of PEI. I haven’t decided to do this yet (I’m still getting my feet wet) but it looks promising.

Before reading the posts in this forum about PEI, I was thinking about buying a PRINTinZ flex plate from AdaFruit, but they are pricey ($110), so between PEI and a PRINTinZ flex plate, I’m going to try PEI first.

Oh, also, as I originally mentioned, I had a printed piece which seemed to be stuck to the print bed. I ended up taking the clam knife, dipping the blade in pure acetone (no ABS), and using the edge of the bade to trace the edges of the object on the heat plate. I then (gently) used the clam knife to slowly wedge itself between the print and the plate, and then slowly twisted the knife (trying to not chip away at the print, and not damage the PET tape either), and I eventually pried the piece off.