How well does the nozzle wiper actually work on the mini?

I’m thinking about adding a nozzle wiper retrofit for the Taz. People who have the Mini, are you satisfied with how well it cleans the nozzle? Any improvements you could think of? Would having a longer wiper be any benifit? What about a section paralell to the main wiper?


The wiper is work ish for me. Currently 1/3 of my prints are canceled after fail wipe which leads to fail leveling and bending print bed. I think the material of wiper sometimes left fibers on extruder probably is one of the reason. My solution for now is wipe the nozzle with cloth after heat up.(Kinda dangerous though…) Since I don’t print ABS because of fume. I don’t see much help from wiper. I’m not sure about others since this is the first printer I really owned :wink:
Still, really love it! However, the sound of bending printer bed is crazy in fail leveling. I’m afraid the bed or X-axis rod will eventually break…

I have my Mini wiping PLA at 140C and ABS at 170C. It works 99% of the time at those temps. I have had some problems in the past but those were due to me entering the wrong wipe and probe temps when I transferred settings to S3D and Slic3r.

It cleans really well in my experience. On the Mini, if you are having probing problems, generally, you need to manually clean the hot end and probing washers and flip or replace the wiper pad. That pad only lasts so long. The nozzle should just tap the corner washer. If you see a deflection… time to clean’er up and check your probing temps.

That said, if you are not adding conductivity based bed leveling to the Taz, I would not see any real benefit to adding the wiper.

Over the last two months having the printer, and using it almost daily, my experience has been more like nopics’ – I’d say that I cancel maybe 1 in 20 prints due to bad leveling measurments, and that is usually with PLA – ABS seems to clean off much more easily than PLA. I’ve been using the stock settings – maybe I’ll try it a bit warmer for PLA.