wiper wear?

Hey again,

I was checking over my Mini after it was advised that I make sure that everything is tightened down, and I noticed the wiper has a divot / groove in it. Is this normal after one print? The printer behaved normally during the whole printing process and seemed to do the self-leveling process w/ the right amount of force.


I would suggest picking and digging any non wiper material off the pad. If you leave it, it may stick to the nozzle and cause poor contact when it tries to do a self level.


I find one of the best things is to get a “Scotch Brite” pad and cut it into quarters. Then once your nozzle is at operating temperature, wipe the nozzle with it. This will remove any excess residue. Then allow the wiper pad to clean it. This is important because the nozzle has a 5 volt signal on it, that will complete with the bed corner contact, so that the bed leveling can be done properly. Any residue on the nozzle will cause the printer to press harder on the bed corner to try to make this circuit complete. This will result in the bed not leveling properly and can cause the nozzle to dig into the PEI surface. Keep the nozzle clean and it will work great! :slight_smile:

Interesting. I will do that. It pays to be safe! Thank you.