HS Tool Head 0.8 Made a expensive mistake

Hi All

I purchased the HS Tool Head 0.8 thinking stupidly it was based on the Aeroe head but with hardened drives act, I find it has a Volcano fitted which is not what I wanted to achieve I want to print with carbon but want to print fairly small parts with a .4 nozzle, which you cant buy in volcano nozzles, question is it possible to remove the volcano and replace it for V6 parts, this will leave me with two problems the nozzle will be further away from the bed and the fan shroud would need replacing, would the esteps then be out of sync… any help and suggestion greatly received…

I’m not sure what you mean that you can’t buy a .4 volcano nozzle? I just bought some on amazon for my dually v3. eBay sells them too. What you can’t find is, is a .5 volcano nozzle unless you by it directly from E3D in the UK.


I stand corrected it must have been a senior moment :frowning:

thank you for your reply is your volcano working well and is the nozzle easy to get out?? hot obvioulsy

It’s just as easy to get out as the standard nozzle just more threads. Use the same method, heat it up, shut the printer off, hold the heater block from twisting with a wrench or pliers, unscrew nozzle. Yes mine is working good, in fact, I think I like the volcanoes are better because of the longer melt zone. Good luck with your project. :+1:

Thank You for your reply a great help…