HS Tool head .8mm experience

Hi there!

I bought a workhorse the week before the shake up. I still have it and use it for fast prints and it has been working well. I am considering buying the .8mm head to speed up my prints, speed is more important than detail. Given that I will have the same limited support (as in prob just what I can find in the forums), has anyone had good luck with that tool head? Is it easy to set up and painless to print from? In desperation I bought an Ultimaker S3 with a .8mm head and it’s a total rockstar. I am debating whether it’s worth sinking any more money into the LulzBot.


Have you considered simply replacing your nozzle with a .8mm nozzle?

Thanks Joe, I had not thought about that. Have you had good success that way? Would the titan nozzles work?

Yes! I’ve swapped out the nozzles on my aerostruder printhead for my TAZ 6 anywhere from .2mm to 1.2mm with good success. Just make sure you change the parameter of the nozzle size in the printer settings. Also, seems that the settings in the Cura LE software default to .5mm (line width) even though you’ve changed the size in the printer’s settings.

I don’t think you want the volcano nozzle for the HE printhead that came with your TAZ Workhouse, looks to me that, that printhead uses the standard size Nozzle. https://e3d-online.com/nozzlex-v6

Volcano type nozzles are a bit longer. The only printhead I know absolutely 100% for sure that takes the volcano type nozzle is the dual v3 printhead. I would assume the MOAR printhead would also take that type. Same with the new SE type print heads. It would be best for you to send an e-mail to support and ask them which nozzle type you need for the printhead you’re wanting to swap the nozzle out on. Or somebody else in this forum may be able to answer with 100% certainty.

Thanks Joe, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me!

I will reach out to support and get the specs for the stock workhorse nozzle. I will report that here for future reference.


The stock workhorse toolhead is based on a Titan Aero extruder. Any E3D V6 style nozzle will work.