Humidity to low?

I have a question. This summer I started to have humidity issues with my filament. Anything left out could get in the upper 60s. I built 2 60 quart dry boxes. This keeps my stored filament in the low 20s. I’m lazy so I dont remove my filament after every print. I just dont have room to make a storage box that I can print directly out of. I bought a polybox cause of the size. It worked fine filament was at 16-20%. Well the silica eventually started to go. I went big and dumped 2lbs in that bin. Now I’m at 1% humidity. Is there such a thing as lower limit?

I have noticed some adverse physical side effects. Everytime I do replace filament now I get instant nose bleeds. Not sure why I havent been putting any new foreign objects in there.

I sure would not just put the silica gel loose like that. Too much chance of raising silica dust and getting some in your nose, and having issues. I put mine in cloth bags to control the dust myself, plus makes it safer when you need to dry/recharge the gel.

I’m getting worried its below 1% what if I unknowingly started an event that cannot be controlled and I’ve put everyone in danger. Will it break time and space?

Unless you are heating the filament to drive the water already in the filament out it will really not lose its moisture, but the drier air will help it from picking up more water.

Well this expairment was uneventful. The meter went all the way around to 100% humidity and set the alarm off. I guess the world is safe… for now