I acquired a TAZ3.1

Hello all,
First some background. I bought new a TAZ6 about 2 years ago, being totally new to 3D printing, and use it all the time. I initially used Cura a few times then moved on to Simplify3D. A few months ago I ditched Simplify3D and now use Prusaslicer with a TAZ6 printer profile. I also own and use a Prusa MK3. I consider myself intermediate+ with printing and beginner+ with the hardware side of 3D printers.

I recently acquired a 2nd hand, make that 3rd hand, TAZ3.1 and I’d like to bring it back to life. It was in pieces and I put it all back together, it turns on, I can heat the extruder and move it in X, Y, and Z directions. I can also move the extruder and heat the bed. I figure i"ll start with basics and use Cura to eventually get everything up and running to make a print or two before I decide on doing some upgrades.

I launched Cura 3.6.20 and added a printer (in addition to the TAZ6). The only option I have is adding a TAZ5 being the only predecessor to the TAZ6. Can anyone tell me what changes I would need to make to make it a TAZ3 profile including the hardware specifics and G-code start script? Below are 2 screen grabs adding a printer to Cura. I’m open to other suggestions here (how to do a firmware update, etc.).

Thanks, Mike

You might be able to find TAZ 3 info in the older versions of cura le http://download.lulzbot.com/Software/Cura/Packages/

Thank you for the reply. I’m on a Mac running the latest OS and the only version of Cura I can run is 21.08. Unfortunately a TAZ3 profile is not provided there. I just fired up Simplify3D and found they have profiles for all things TAZ including the TAZ3. This will be my starting point.

The plan is to see if I can tune things up and get some decent prints. The previous owner had under extrusion issues where after a few layers, he would have to manually pause and prime some filament and then continue printing for a few more layers and then pause and prime again. He tried different temp and speed settings with no improvement. As a side note, I noticed that the TAZ3 manual has some GLCD screen shots and one that show the Esteps at +0824.0. My printer has it at +0844.0. Not sure if this was an adjusted setting, or, a factory default setting.


I would check the printed parts to see if they are still in working order, it may also be a motor issue. My guess is that the gears are a bit worn, https://ohai.lulzbot.com/ might be a useful website for you. The OHAI contains the build instructions used when making the printer as well as calibration instructions. Best of luck, would love to see some images/videos once you get it running properly.

I will look into the printed parts and also see if there is a motor issue. Thanks for the website link. It will definitely be useful!

I have a TAZ6, a Prusa MK3 and a Prusa Mini and I frequently use all 3. I have used Cura a few times initially then I moved on to Simplify3D for the TAZ6. My current choice of slicer is Prusaslicer and I now use it for the TAZ6 as well.

My recently acquired TAZ3 will be more of a hobby printer so I can deep dive into the hardware side of things of which is new to me. I’ll be happy to share pics and vids whenever I have stuff to share. I will most likely be on the forum making more inquiries as things progress.


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Just saw your post and I’m kind of in the same boat and wanted to ask you a question. I have a few regular printers and just ordered a prusa i3 mk3 with mmu2s but today found someone selling a Taz2.1 and want to buy it for 400 bucks but I’m not sure about pulling the trigger because I don’t know if I can still upgrade the 2.1 to anything close to 6 since it’s that old. Even to a 5 would be fine. Is it possible to still upgrade the 2.1 or it’s just too old? Did you start uogarding yours and where did you start? Sorry about all the questions but have no experience with lulzbot or even read about it since they’re so expensive and I only print for fun so was never going to spend thousands on 3d printer. Up to a grand is ok

Hi there,
The only thing I did to the TAZ3 was replace the PEI sheet on the glass bed and added a filament cooling fan. The drylin bearings need replacing but haven’t bought any yet. The under extrusion problem seemed to have gone away. Apparently the filament diameter setting was set to 3mm. I changed it to 2.85mm and it seems to print just fine. As I previously mentioned, this is a hobby printer and I haven’t had much time to futz with it. I use my TAZ6 and Prusa’s all the time.

Not sure if the TAZ2.1 is worth $400. For that money you can get yourself a Prusa mini. I have one and it is quite nimble. I’m a fan of both Prusa’s.

Here’s a link you might find useful.

Oh I have a brand new Prusa i3 mk3 with the mmu2s on the way but it’s stuck in rancho Cucamonga california for a week and I live in Phoenix about 200 likes away just waiting on it. I just like working on printers and I thought 400 was a good deal since all the lulzbot I’m seeing online are 1 grand and up.