TAZ3 use with CURA

I just unpacked my TAZ 3 that has not been in use for a few years.
Is anyone using this with CURA ? If so, what version of CURA do I need to load or can I use the latest version?
Does the firmware need to be updated?
The latest CURA only has printer setups for TAZ 5 and 6, can I use the TAZ 5 setup, and if so, what do I need to change in the setup.

Should I be loading up an older CURA such as recommended below and use the TAZ 4 setup?

"TAZ4 does use Cura naturally, and it would be easy to set up. You can find it here: http://download.lulzbot.com/Software/Cura/Packages/Cura_21.08/
It is the older version of Cura, and the TAZ4 works on it. "

I am sure I can get this to work with the software recommended back in 2015, but I would rather modernize the software, but do not at this time want to rework my TAZ3 into a TAZ5.

Thanks for any help/advice.

You may be able to get your printer working with a Legacy version of Cura, but it will be a very early version of it.


I would recommend trying Cura 14.09 -17.10 to see if any of those have settings for your Taz 3. If you don’t see a setting specifically for the Taz 3, then you can try changing around settings for a Taz 4, as they will have the most similarities. Otherwise you would want to probably use Slic3r to get your printer up and running.