I am getting rough surfaces when printing on mini using hips

Hi, I am printing with CURA using standard settings (both normal and high) with HIPS an i get rough (ribbed) surfaces in certain parts of my prints. I’ve also messed around in expert mode by setting lower speeds for infill and outer shell with minimal success. I am posting this as a hardware topic thinking it might have to do with that, but it could also be software. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here are some pictures

measure your filament in about 5 to 10 places and take average measurement and enter it in cura , also try dropping flow rate to 95 % , and also check your belt see if there tight if slack tighten them up

MAV213, thanks for your response. I believe you are right, it might be the belts that are loose (though the printer is new). I see how to tighten the one on the x axis, how about the one on the y (does it even need tightening)? Seems from the design that the only one to tighten might be the x, is that right?

Thanks again!

when i tighten my y belt i turn the machine on its side , theres some hex bolts which are quite fidly to get too with the hex spanner but they just about fit i slacken off and pull the belt through then re tighten ,

Hi, thanks to MAV213 and fantastic Lulzbot support. All the issues were solved and prints are coming out great. What I did just in case someone else is interested is:

  1. Removed four corner bed washers and tightened all the screws under the heated bed.

  2. On the Z axis, where the motors meet the threaded rod, there is an aluminum coupler (its a tube that has slices in it). Adjust the set/grub screws that attach the couplers to the motors and threaded rods.

  3. Take measurements of the filament diameter at various different places for the filament you’re using and make sure you adjust the diameter in Cura or any other software you are using

  4. If 3 isn’t enough, adjust the flow of the filament to 95%

  5. Adjust the belts in your printer.

glad you got it sorted in the end , i couldnt agree more lulzbot support is superb , you going to post some prints now to show the difference ?

Unfortunately I sold the printer to a client before I could take any pictures. The client came and saw the printer working and since that was the only mini I had at the store at the time he decided to take that one :smiley: