Help With Printing Problems

Hey Guys,

I have a lulzbot mini w/ latest version of cura. I have also updated the firmware for the printer as well.

Whenever I do prints using the filament I bought with the printer I always get these errors in the printing.

I would start with drying the filament, that HIPS is super old, looks like a 2015 mfg date on the label. HIPS isn’t the worst at soaking up moisture but it’s been around a long time.

That eSun HIPS is kind of finicky to print to begin with, it requires super hot bed tempt to stick and then will remain soft, if you cool the bed down once you get to a certain height on the print to combat deformation it will want to pull off the bed. which kinda looks like what you have going on in one of the pictures.

Going in reverse order.

Picture #3: Logo face warping - assuming this is the face that was on the bed, the corner is warping. Try using a 5-10 perimeter BRIM. This will help seal the edges and prevent cooler air from seeping under the print.

Picture #2: The compressed layers usually happen towards the beginning of the print. It typically means that the bed leveling may be off - in this case one side of the bed is higher than the other. Does this only on one face of the print? Check that the nozzle and discs are clean… maybe check that all the discs are tightened. Check that the x-rails are parallel with the bed.

Picture #1: Not sure what’s going on with the ghosting of the hole… bit the bottom is warping a little also causing those slightly compressed layers in the corners.

Back to picture 2, check that the thread screw on that side isn’t binding.

Hope that helps.

excellent thanks! ill give it a shot today