I need a new threaded extension

Any idea when they will be available? I seem to have damaged the threads on my flexystruder…

Maybe the part is listed in the Flexystruder BOM?

Should have the source for the part as well.

Not there.

Edit: They are on the Buda BOM, But for manufacturer it just says “MBK”. I’m guessing they mean MBK Machine, which is not a place to get a one-off part.

Are you referring to the threaded inserts? If you can determine the size M3 or M4, a hardware supplier like mcmaster-carr or fastenal should have them. Brass seems to be the best choice.

Sorry if I’m really off-base in what you’re looking for…

I got mine off of AliExpress



Thanks, that’s exactly it. I’m a bit nervous about dealing with a company in China directly. I’d feel better if there were a middleman like paypal or amazon. Not sure I like the idea of giving them my credit card number.

When you buy from AliExpress, they collect the money (sort of like PayPal). The seller just sends the items.

I do have to admit, however, that when I buy from AliExpress, I use a Virtual Credit Card number. Many Banks allow you obtain Virtual Numbers.

If you want to PM me your Name and mailing address, I’ll send you a threaded extension. Provided you are in the U.S., of course!


Thanks for the offer, but I have it working, I’ll eventually need to replace it though, I intend to grab one as soon as they come available. If I get around to upgrading to the new heater that he 5 has, I’ll just put my main Budda on my flexy exctruder.

Brass is the best choice, I suggest taking a look at this threaded brass inserts supplier.

Best of luck anyway :smiley:

Not brass insert, threaded extension is what I’m looking for.

He’s talking about the actual threaded hollow pipe in the Buddaschnozzle hot end that the nozzle and heater block attaches to I think.


I would recommend dumping the buda and moving to an all metal hotend like the Hex or E3D… I have had much less trouble since I did that.