I think I fried my Taz 6 -- help!

I had my Taz 6 powered up and the nozzle hot, and used a brass wire brush to clean gunk off the nozzle. When I did, something apparently shorted out at the nozzle and the screen went blank. The on/off switch still lights up when I turn the machine on, but there are no other signs of life. Is there a fuse or breaker (or even power supply) inside that I might be able to replace, or am I looking at sending it in to Lulzbot for repair. I’m reasonably handy with electronics but never dug into the Taz. It’s been a workhorse for me for a couple years now, and instantly miss it. :frowning:

If you shorted the heater cartridge, it might have taken out the F3 fuse. I have heard of folks killing the board as a whole using a brush while the printer is powered on. Try using green or blue scotchbrite instead.


Thanks for that reply. After posting here, it occurred to me to just call Lulzbot support, and they were great! No phone tree, no scripted call-center nonsense, no “ticket” – just a knowledgeable person who listened to my story, sized up the likely issue (the fuse) and sent me the info needed to diagnose it and get a replacement fuse. The whole call took maybe 2 or 3 minutes. Way to go Lulzbot! The Taz 6 has already proven itself to be wildly better than my former MakerBot, but little did I know the its support was equally superior. MakerBot charged me $100 to open a support ticket, then took two weeks to determine the firmware that shipped new with the machine made it a brick. They emailed me a firmware update and kept the $100. So happy to learn Lulzbot support it the exact opposite! :slight_smile:

I’ve protected myself from these potential shorts by adding some high temperature silicone (Permatex Red RTV High Temp Gasket Maker #81160) to the wires as they enter the heater block.